The flagship Almayass Restaurant is located in the heart of Beirut and came into being in 1996 when the owners, the Alexandrian family, decided to introduce their Lebanese á l’armenienne mezzé recipes and specialties to food lovers all over Lebanon. Nestled in what was once an ancient villa that has been internally modified to fit a restaurant, Almayass is located in Ashrafieh, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Beirut. The age-old architectural features are still preserved, giving the rustic restaurant hidden behind climbing plants and reddish tiles the intimate atmosphere in which to experience Mediterranean dining at its finest.

In the past sixteen years, Almayass has come to establish itself as a staple amongst Lebanese Armenian cuisine, expanding its presence beyond Beirut to locations including Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Riyadh. In April 2012, Almayass crossed the Atlantic and opened its doors in New York City.


“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” – George Bernard Shaw

Our family’s philosophy towards life and our close relationships with one another directly influences the exceptional guest services and high quality dining standards under which we operate Almayass.